Our Work

Pejvak School takes pride in providing a variety of educational and support services to benefit Iranian teachers and education advocates. All of our services are offered free of charge. Below is detailed information regarding each of our services:

Online Educational Services

Comprehensive Courses (4-16 weeks): At Pejvak School, we offer in-depth courses lasting between 4 to 16 weeks. These programs are tailored to explore crucial subjects relating to educational development. These courses are designed to empower educators and advocates by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to advocate effectively for educational reforms.

Our comprehensive courses include a unique advocacy mentoring program in which our expert advocacy coaches provide tailored support to each participant in applying the material learned during the course to develop and implement advocacy campaigns aimed at addressing gaps in the educational system.

Short Courses (1-2 days): We also provide condensed courses that focus on providing concentrated knowledge on a breadth of important topics related to educational development. These courses have featured education experts from academia, government, civil society, and media. Some of the topics that have been covered in these courses include:

  • Education in Crisis Situations
  • Gender-based Discrimination in Education
  • Educational Data and Transparency
  • Education in Mother Languages
  • Teachers’ Unions and Educational Advocacy

Webinars & Workshops (1-2 hours): We also conduct short webinars and workshops aimed at addressing contemporary issues related to education. These serve as platforms for educators to interact with experts, share ideas with one another, and stay updated with the latest trends and challenges. Some of the topics that have been covered in these webinars include:

  • Approaches to Online Education
  • Artificial Intelligence and Education
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers to Protect Students
  • Digital Security Concepts and Best Practices
  • Supporting Students that have Experienced Trauma
Legal, Mental Health, and Digital Security Consultation Services

 Legal Consultation: Our legal experts provide pro bono legal consultations to help teachers address their unique professional legal needs and concerns.

 Mental Health Mentoring: Recognizing the essential role of mental health in effective teaching, we provide mentoring services that create a confidential space for teachers to voice their concerns, seek advice, and learn coping skills.

Digital Security Mentoring: With the increasing need for digital literacy, understanding digital security is essential. Our digital security mentoring program offers educators the knowledge and strategies they need to protect their digital identities and ensure their online interactions are safe.

Research and Publications

Teacher’s Watch Initiative: The Teacher’s Watch initiative documents the history of and current events in the Iranian teachers’ rights movement, serving as a comprehensive reference for research and education in the future. It includes the following activities:

  • Compilation of Relevant Statements and Announcements: We monitor and compile substantial announcements and communications made by Iranian teachers’ unions nationally and locally.
  • Compilation of Events in the History of the Iranian Teachers’ Rights Movement: We keep a detailed archive tracking the evolution of the Iranian teachers’ rights movement over the past century.

Translation and Publication of International Legal Documents: We translate and publish influential international documents related to the rights of teachers and students to make them accessible to our Persian-speaking readers, promoting the understanding of global legal guidelines and practices.

Translation and Publication of Expert Interviews: We translate and publish interviews with international education experts, amassing a rich repository of insights, experiences, and advice from eminent leaders in the field.

Translation and Publication of Articles: We make a concerted effort to translate and publish articles on important topics in the field of education. This mission aims to share and promote best practices, inspiring and enlightening our audience

Multimedia Content Development

At Pejvak School, we value the impact of various content formats. We create a host of multimedia educational content such as infographics, educational videos, and podcasts that are posted on our website and social media channels. These materials cater to different learning styles and enhance the learning experience, making it more engaging and effective.